Luna Minerals

In The Beginning

Luna minerals was created right here on the Mornington Peninsula in St Andrews Beach. Having always been a health concious person, a few years back I started educating myself on healthy living and ways of reducing toxic chemicals from my life. One by one I would replace all the items in my household with handmade clean, natural or organic versions! I then realised that makeup and skincare was something I wore on my skin every day, and that it was contributing to around 2kg of the stuff being absorbed straight into my blood stream each year! Now I have a science degree so setting out to create my own personalised formulations using only natural and non-toxic ingredients of the highest quality is something that lights me up inside!

I love to share my creations with friends and family and it was they, who encouraged me to share Luna Minerals with the rest of the world. I then realised that there are so many other women and men, sharing this passion for clean living, who would appreciate the energy and magic around Luna Minerals. I also have a degree in environmental studies- Therefore creating only environmentally sustainable products that are cruelty free was of high importance to me.

I had never set out to create Luna Minerals, it is just something that happened out of love and following my passion.. its sometimes the little things that we underestimate that fill our hearts with magic!


Luna Minerals

The name Luna came about because our luminous moon is so inspiring how she effects the tides, days, months and even our moods. Luna is so beautiful that is adored by thousands each night, as she lights our path night after night.


Luna minerals serves to help each of us to shine more brightly. Our luxurious products are designed to give you the confidence to light up your day and night.


Luna Minerals is for the natural at heart, who likes to feel more confident about their skin without the heavy made up look. A very natural looking beauty routine and you may feel like your wearing nothing at all. It also has the benefit of layering so that you can dress it up when you need to.  


We are all capable of shining bright like the moon. Go ahead, why don’t you give it a go!


“You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling". Kirsten Kuehn

Our Mission

Natural eco products

No products at Luna Minerals have been tested on animals during any stages of the manufacturing, so we are proudly animal cruelty free.


We do not use any animal products in our mineral cosmetics ingredients, so we are also Vegan friendly. 

Our environmentally conscious mineral makeup containers are made from frosted glass with sustainable bamboo lids, which are washable, reusable and recyclable. These containers are designed to be reused again and again so it will not cost the earth and you will benefit with
the savings! Our refill packs are available online and are much cheaper than buying a new container each time to encourage you to be environmental yourselves! When you purchase any luna Minerals product it comes in a beautiful stamped cotton bag! 


The ingredients used in Luna Minerals have derived from mother earth. She has gifted us with so many beautiful rock minerals in the most inspiring colour palette that it’s no wonder that women have been grinding and using minerals to use as cosmetics for thousands of years. We have a strong stance on using only ingredients of the highest quality to benefit the wellbeing of each and every customer. We source all of our ingredients from within Australia, to maintain quality control. This means that you will not find any harsh chemicals, nanoparticles, fillers, preservatives, talc, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, fragrances or GM ingredients in any of our luxurious pure earth mineral range.  Phew! 

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