Want to host a Luna Minerals Goddess Party? 

We invite you to gather some guests who would love to try our Vegan, natural and Eco makeup and skincare range in the comfort of your home!


You will be educated on Luna Minerals products including ingredients and benefits as well as application and perfect colour matching to your skin tone. 

whats involved?

A party takes around 2 hours, the host (or a guest of choice) will be treated to free makeup application by the consultant as each product is applied it will be explained to the party. 

We require a minimum of 5 guests at a party. the optimum number is between 7-10 but if you need more just let us know. 

Each guest will be able to test and apply our products on the night. 

Guests will be given an option to purchase products on the night either via card payment or cash. We can allow guests to take home their new Luna Minerals products on the night- if we are out of stock then your products will be sent to you at a later date. 

To say thank you- the host of the party will receive a special gift from us! 

We will also offer special rewards for those of you spending on the night! 

As Luna Minerals is based in St Andrews Beach Victoria- our Goddess Parties will need to be within reasonable distance and at a agreeable date & time! 

We would be happy to cater for Hens parties, Birthdays, Mothers groups, work parties ect! Any excuse to bust out the champas &  nibblies we say! 

If you are interested in hosting a Luna Minerals Goddess party or would like to know more information then please send us your inquiry below! 

looking forward to meeting you!



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