Cream Foundation Pack 

Treat your face and body to our cream foundation pack. Designed to kick start your daily routine with our organic moisturiser (light or luxurious), jojoba and rosehip oil primer, cream foundation, vegan bamboo brush set and natural Luna Minerals bag. Your skin will thank you for it! 


VALUE of $127.00 for $111.00


Moisturiser Option Reccomendations:

Our Organic moisturiser light is a light, scent free formulation designed to quickly absorb and hydrate even the most sensitive of skin. 


Our Organic moisturiser luxurious is a rich formulation suitable for dry or mature skin types as it is designed to deeply hydrate your face and Décolletage.  


Natural / Organic- Luna Minerals only uses ingrediets of the highest quality that are natural and organic where possible- all organic ingrediets are listed with a * on the ingredients tab. 


Vegan- We do not use any animal products or ingredients from animal origin in our formulations


Cruelty Free- None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals


Refillable- purchase one of our Refill Packs and reduce waste and landfill in Australia


Australian made and owned- Luna Minerals is an Australian made and owned buisness which sources all of its ingrediets from within Australia.



Cream Foundation Pack

  • 1. First of all you need to figure out if you have warm or cool undertones in your skin. Use this chart to decide; 




    • Your veins look green
    • You suit gold jewellery
    • White near your skin reflects a   yellow tone
    • You tan easily
    • You have brown, green or hazel eyes
    • You have brown, red or black    hair
    • Your veins look bluish
    • You suit silver jewellery
    • White near your skin reflects a bluish tone
    • Your skin burns easily
    • You have blue or green eyes
    • You have blonde, brown or black hair


    If you find that you are in-between both cool and warm then it is likely that you are neutral and can suit both. We reccomend you choose a warm toned foundation in the summer months and a cool skin toned foundation in the winter months. 


    2. Now you need to choose from a light/ medium / dark colour option depending on your skins undertone. Use this chart to help you decide. 


    Skin that has cool


    Skin that has warm



















    • Apply 1-3 pumps of liquid foundationto to your vegan kabuki brush, sponge or fingertips
    • Using a circular buffing motion, gently apply the foundation all over your face, starting at the forehead and working your way down the face towards the jaw bone.
    • You can apply more product and layer your face, to achieve more coverage if you desire.